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Mission, Core Values, and Culture

At-Home Health Care With a Sense of Purpose

Our mission is to match you with a caregiver who will help improve the quality of life for your loved one and allow them to remain as independent as possible in their own home.

We pride ourselves on reliability and efficiency. We believe that individuals who are entrusted to our care are entitled to love and respect. The caregivers we refer for personal care services are available to you up to 7 days a week, so you can rest easy knowing they're in good hands.

Our Core Values

We have a daily commitment to our Core Values. They guide us to be our best, and they start with Compassion.

It's the way we care. Care is about establishing a human connection with our patients and their families and extending our true hearts to them, above and beyond the technology and resources we can provide.
Trust is one of the most important values in the home healthcare industry. Each day, we strive to win the trust of our patients and their families, and we must trust each other to deliver our best.
Team Integrity
We make make decisions as a team and move forward as a unit. The power of everyone working together with a single-minded focus on achieving the greater good is the foundation of the team's strength.
The home healthcare industry is in an exceptionally creative period. With technology, we can offer our families more clinical treatment, increase productivity and cut costs in our company.
Inclusion demonstrates our dedication to racial and cultural equality and our goal of creating a workplace where everyone feels welcome to bring their whole selves to At-Home Personal Care.
You may rely on us because we operate in a compliant manner. We always act morally upright; there is no room for breaking the law. It’s the environment we live in, the air we breathe.
At-Home Personal Care


Building an At-Home Personal Care for All of Us

At-Home Personal Care, we are committed to a culture of diversity and inclusion. We believe in an environment that celebrates our differences and allows everyone to feel welcome and thrive. At-Home Personal Care is a place where every employee can succeed, contribute, and advance. With the recruitment, retention, and advancement programs we offer, we seek to create a culturally diverse workforce that does not discriminate based on:

Sexual orientation
Cultural background, or country of origin